Let's start!
1. Clam
- Use a band for this one! With the band around your thighs just above your knee, lay on your side propped up on your elbow with your knees bent and together. Separate your knees by bringing the top one up and really push against the band.

- Bend your knees so you get your feet behind you. Keep your knees bent and your feet together during the whole exercise!

4 sets
2. Single leg glute bridge
- Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell to put your foot on for this one so your foot is higher than your body. Lay on the ground and place one foot on the dumbbell while bending your knee and keeping the other leg in the air. With your hands at your sides, push through your glutes to bring your butt off the ground and squeeze your glutes at the top before lowering.

- Make sure you use your booty and not your lower back to push up.

3 sets
3. Parallel Step Up
Stand so the bench is next to you. Then place the foot of the leg farthest from it on the bench and push through that heel to stand.

Lower yourself back down and repeat for each rep. Work on activating those glutes with your mind.

3 sets
20 reps (10 each side)
4. Curtsy lunge
As you cross your leg behind you and to the side, keep your shoulders pointing forward. Engage your abs to maintain this position.

Bend both knees so that your back knee hovers just above the ground and your front knee forms a 90-degree angle.

3 sets
24 reps ( 12 each side)
5. Frog thrust
Important to go all the way up but without overextending. Take a second to pause and squeeze at the top! If you feel extra bossy, add a dumbbell to your hip!

4 sets
15 reps
6. Banded glute bridge
For this exercise, I want you to do a regular glute bridge, but when you're at the top, I want you to push your knees out to the side.
The key move to this exercise is to really go up as high as you can with your hips.

4 sets
15 reps
7. Jump squat
Keep your toes and knees pointed slightly outward, and when you land, make sure you're doing it on a slightly bent knee.
The lower you go, the higher you will jump. Really try to push yourself here!

4 sets
30 sec